Long Term Care Means Choices

Insley Investment Group on Long Term Care

Brian Villec, Financial Advisor and “T” Insley CEO Agency Owner, Insley Investment Group, LLC make it a goal to give their customers clear and understandable choices when it comes to investing in Long Term Care.  In a DelOne broadcast Brian and “T” highlight the differences between Nursing Home Insurance and Long Term Care Insurance and the benefits of investing early in Long Term Insurance. Per Brian Villec there are so many benefits today that are rendered outside of a care facility and so many who are getting expert care at home that setting up a Long Term Care plan with the options you think you will need makes sense. Insley Investment Group emphasizes Long Term Care as an integral part of their investment services. As Owner “T” Insley points out “…think of it as choice in options”.

Watch DelOne broadcast here. (choose Insley – LTC.mp4 file)

Long-term care involves a variety of services designed to meet a person’s health or personal care needs during a short or long period of time. These services help people live as independently and safely as possible when they can no longer perform everyday activities on their own.